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YummyChopps Meat Delivery App

Project Type / UI, UX, Mobile App
Role / UX, UI Designer
Year / 2021

Tags / Mobile App, Meat Delivery

Yummychopps is a meat on-demand technology company connecting you with the best local butchers, poultry farms, and fishermen. It empower local heroes to thrive while serving fresh, convenient meat to your door.

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Started by a group of three aspiring tech professionals to earn by serving customers with fresh organic meat products and delivering across to the doorsteps of the customers.

Mission of the company

Procuring high-quality organic fish and country chicken at the source.

Vision of the company

Delivering organic meats to customers with fresh and maintaining hygiene at every processing, and delivery centre.

Business Goals

Aims to provide with a platform for on- demand meat services with providing the user the comfort and luxury to cook fresh and quality meats as effortless as possible.

User Goals

Unadulterated, chemical-free, fresh meat, hygienically packaged deliveries, predictable consistency of quality and delivery, and value for Money.

Project Goals

Creating an app that eliminates the efforts in sourcing fresh, clean meats and quick delivery.

User Flow

Outline of all the necessary functionality. Created a simple flow diagram of the main tasks the user can do. One of the instance is shown here.

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